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    Atlantas Group is committed to meeting the needs of its principals, and delivering the highest quality of service, by conducting its affairs in a safe, efficient and reputable manner. We are committed to quality in all our operations.

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    Healthy workplaces are safe, satisfying and inspiring. The Company recognizes the importance of, and demands the commitment of all its employees to maintaining good health and hygiene. All seafarers undergo stringent medical and visual tests based upon standards prepared by industry doctors.

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    Safety & Security

    Safety is at the core of Atlantas Group’s business. We believe that each and every accident can and must be avoided. We have an obligation to bring everyone home safely and carefully manage the assets we are entrusted with.

    We manage and reduce risk through rigorous requirements and a culture founded on the protection of people, assets and reputations.

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    Atlantas Group focuses on safeguarding the environment as one of the top priorities. The Company makes every effort to conserve and protect the environment from marine, atmospheric and other forms of pollution. It operates under our mission of ‘zero pollution’ that aims to eliminate the potential for pollution at source by maintaining monitoring equipment to peak operating condition at all times, and enforcing high standards of safety and awareness both onboard and ashore.